Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free Online in 2019 till date


Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free Online 2019. There is no substantial and easy way to earn Bitcoin, it will cost you more than just money to make it in the Bitcoin business, such as time, patience, vulnerability and privacy. The good news is that if you’re willing to put in the effort, Bitcoin is an easy cash flow business venture.

Can you get free bitcoin? Yes. In fact, it’s probably easier than you expect.

There are 12 main ways to get free bitcoin. Arranged roughly from least to most profitable, they are as follows:


1. Microventures

Probably the easiest yet time-consuming method, micro earnings are a very small way to earn Bitcoin and make profits. PTC or Paid To Click websites are an example of this method. They give you a small amount of Bitcoin for visiting their websites or viewing their ads.

They offer a duration of 5-20 seconds. Although, the revenue is only about 0.021 BTC which means $9.612 for 24 hours of work. The most popular PTC website today is ads4BTC. Bitcoin Faucets is another website that gives users a small amount of Bitcoin every few minutes. It is claimed that running a Bitcoin Faucet may be profitable, however, the same cannot be said for using one. For 24 hours of work, users only obtain 0.0028 BTC or about $1.31 even if they use a high paying faucet, which is considered a less significant amount of money.

2. Micro jobs

Micro jobs can range from testing a web application on a browser writing for websites. This involves a small pay for completing such tasks. Coinworker is one such example of a micro jobs Bitcoin website. Through writing, one can start to make a decent amount of money depending on the amount of knowledge and the ability to write well-researched articles.

Many sites need to fill up a desired quota of posts and hire writers with good knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. The salary of a blog post writer will vary significantly depending on varied experience and expertise. Top class writers get paid $80 per 1000 word blog posts and on an average, most writers get close to $35 for writing a 1000 word blog post. Quality work tends to take a good amount of time and research but this is one such method of earning through Bitcoin.

Recently, BitcoinTalk released a signature campaign where people get paid for advertising a Bitcoin product. People get paid based on their membership level with BitcoinTalk and a full member has assured a return of  0.0005 BTC per post. Posts should be legitimate and writers are required to produce original posts without any illegitimate content and must not put up advertisements.

You are expected to make at least 0.144BTC or $64.08 for twenty-four hours of work. Several Bitcoin-related services are also opportunities for jobs and people offer a salary to Blockchain developers, website managers, graphic design experts, mining experts, online marketer and so on. Although it is a broad spectrum, people hiring under these services offer a well-achieved pay.

A service that you can get paid for is becoming a Bitcoin escrow agent and arbitration in Bitcoin transactions. Enabling such jobs will require a decent reputation and background.

3. Bitcoin lending

Bitcoin lending is a way in which you can increase the value of Bitcoins that you own. It works along the principles of real life lending and exchanges where you can lend a certain amount of coins to a crypto-business and get them back with interest. Although you are likely to make a good return, there is also a flipside to this which is the risk involved.

While some people may not return your money, some others have to be chased down to get your money back. You can lend directly to a known associate thereby assessing the borrower based on mutual trust. More often than not, it is rather difficult to get a friend/known person who matches your amount, interest and payment requirements.

Another option is through lending websites such as Bitbond, where borrowers publish loan requirements and you can contribute to their loan. It is possible to invest in small amounts thereby decreasing overall risk. Users must always be cautious with the choice of websites as well as borrowers before lending money.

Most sites have efficient terms and conditions in place and display contact details for user requirements, however, some sites do not exercise this flexibility and hence, must be approached with caution.

Hence, it is extremely important to choose your lending projects carefully. Currently, the three main websites that deal with BTC lending are – BTCJam, Bitbond, and Loanbase.

4. Bitcoin Mining

Firstly, mining Bitcoin is not a fast or free method to earn Bitcoins. You will need to invest a lot of time, research and money. In this process, new Bitcoins are generated because your computer adds new transactions to the blockchain and finds new blocks.

When you discover a new block, you receive a certain amount of Bitcoins. At the moment, a block contains 25BTC and this number can change the course of time. Since Bitcoin mining is a tedious and expensive process, most miners join a mining pool such as BitMinter.

Just by adding computing power to the pool, you can earn Bitcoins without having to build your own Bitcoin mining farm. This is also a fun way to meet new people online and gain in-depth knowledge about the Bitcoin mining technology.

5. Bitcoin day trading

There are many forms of Bitcoin trading available. Bitcoin day trading involves buying and selling Bitcoins on the same day on the basis of short-term price fluctuations. Depending on market trends, it is advisable to buy and sell Bitcoin just when the sale prices go up in order to make a profit.

Bitcoin CFDs is similar to day trading but you don’t need to buy Bitcoins. The concept is quite simple, instead of buying the asset and selling it later, a contract in place for that asset is purchased. This avoids the need to store and safely keep the purchased Bitcoins. Popular Bitcoin brokers are plus500 or AvaTrade.

Bitcoin binary is an option where you predict the rise or fall of Bitcoin value in the market. A slightly modified form of gambling, if you guess the right option, you earn the option’s payoff, else you lose your whole investment. It is referred to as ‘ Binary options ‘ because you either win or lose your investment, there is no middle ground.

6. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate program involves marketing a product and getting paid in return for the sales raked in. If you decide to promote a certain cryptocurrency product, such as TREZOR, and if their sales increase from your marketing, you are likely to get commissioned for the sales brought in. This method adds up a decent amount and is convenient for a solo project as well.

7. Play Games to earn Bitcoin

Probably the most fun form of work, there are a variety of Bitcoin games that does not require an investment and provides a foolproof way to earn Bitcoin. ChopCoin, Coinbrawl and Bitcoin’s  Aliens mobile app are a few such options

  1. 8. Earn Bitcoins through tips

There are various ways in which you can earn Bitcoins through tips and it is similar to accepting Bitcoin as payment. A blog is one such example, where you can display either a QR code or your Bitcoin address to which people can tip you based on the quality of your work.

Another way to get tipped online is through Bitfortip which is a service that allows you to get tipped in Bitcoin. Restaurants and other public outlets can also use a function called bctip which lets you print out vouchers with a Bitcoin balance on them which can be rewarded to employees based on customer satisfaction and the same can then be redeemed.

9. Earn Bitcoin by accepting as a mode of payment

This method is known as the best and easiest way to earn Bitcoins. Regardless of the kind of venture, Bitcoin can be accepted as a viable mode of payment, hence making it highly sought after. In order to receive Bitcoin certain requirements need to be met.

Get a free Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase or LocalBitcoins to select from a wide range of options with varied features. Research on the best-suited option and select your wallet, to be safe make sure to store money in different options.

For a business shop or enterprise, display a QR code next to our cash register. This Qr code can be obtained from the ‘ receive money ‘ section in your Bitcoin wallet which has your Bitcoin address encoded in it. Print out the QR code. The customers can scan this code and through the Bitcoin app installed on their phones, the value of the amount in either USD or EUR can be entered.

The app then calculates the real-time value in to get the corresponding BTC amount based on current exchange rates. Your account will then display confirmation of payment. Another method to ease customer experience is to use the ‘ Receive money ‘ option.

The ‘ Create payment request ‘ can be utilized for people that often use accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. The QR code will be displayed automatically once you enter the Bitcoin amount that the customer has to pay. Users can also integrate the ‘ Bitcoin accepted here ‘ logo in their shop fronts, similar to other payment options such as Paytm or Tez.

10. Complete Tasks and earn Bitcoin

I’m sure most of us enjoy sitting back and watching good tv or follow the latest online video craze. Imagine if you could earn money by just watching videos? Some websites offer a good return on Bitcoin just for watching their advertisements and following their website.

Ads4btc is one such website where viewers have to watch an advert lasting between 2- 60 seconds and are rewarded a small amount of BTC. Although, the return is quite less for the time invested. COINADDER and Vidybit are more such websites that pay simply for viewing their advertisements broadcasted. Users can also complete small tasks and answer questions to earn some money.

CoinWorker and Bitfortip reward money for taking up small analytical tasks or answering correctly in miniature quizzes. Earning Bitcoins by doing menial jobs such as the ones mentioned above is a viable and decent option but a significant increase in pay cannot be expected.

11. Earn as Regular Income

To earn Bitcoin as a source of regular income, it must be in the form of your monthly/annual salary. Hence, it is vital to join firms that use Bitcoin as a payment option for employees. You can either freelance or work for an organization, both of which are highly convenient.

One can search and apply for jobs using various recruitment portals such as BitGigs, Coinality, XBTFreelancer, Jobs 4 Bitcoins, bitWAGE and so on. The Bitcointalk forum services section is another platform to search for job listings where most jobs are easy to complete and recommended by users. While Jobs 4 Bitcoins on Reddit focuses on the technical market and offers job opportunities to programmers, BitGigs offers a wide variety of options and increases diversity in the job market.

Coinality uses a unique approach to displaying jobs based on their location hence being convenient for folks who are looking for short-term and local projects.   bitWAGE offers an innovative service where the user can invoice their clientele in many currencies including Bitcoin, enabling a steady source of income in Bitcoins through a regular job.

Clients in UK, USA and EU regions can be approached with this initiative and is quite the popular choice amongst real Bitcoin enthusiasts. For all the programmers and experts in the IT department, XBTFreelancer is the quickest and easiest way to earn Bitcoins. Users are also recommended to venture out into the business field and earn Bitcoins.

12. Earn Bitcoin through trading

Bitcoin trading is a more sophisticated and deeply complex form of gambling, which requires a certain understanding of the system and an outline of the concept before investing heavy assets. The safest and quickest method is through arbitrage.

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Users make the most of a good opportunity and buy an asset and immediately sell it at a higher price, only with the full knowledge that the asset can be sold immediately at the required price. This must not be mistaken for gambling because in this method a certain degree of surety is required. The Bitcoin business does offer arbitrage however, they are not simple to execute.

Users can search for solid, concrete opportunities on Bitcoin Stack Exchange. The price difference between exchanges is the only drawback. One of the few websites for arbitrage is bit4coin which offers immediate accumulation of Bitcoins upon spotting a good opportunity. Another option to earn through trading is the simple art of speculation.

People buy Bitcoin for a certain price and wait until its value reaches a good peak and sell it for fiat currencies. This is not a guaranteed way of earning Bitcoins because if and when the price drops, you are likely to lose all earned Bitcoins and will have to start over. This method is based on high speculation driven by luck which doesn’t make good odds for most people.



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